Cutting down trees in order to plant trees?

bomen kappen om nieuwe te planten?!Natural Plastics has designed a patented system for tree planting: the Keeper® system. It offers many advantages such as a more natural look, superior tree growth compared to tree stakes (+30%), easy installation, limited aftercare, storm proof and 100% biologically degradable with our special granulate.

Our philosophy

onze filosofieThe philosophy of Natural Plastics is to design, produce and market products that do not take precious resources from our earth. After serving their purpose they are not meant to leave any damaging or polluting residual. All based on a Cradle-to-Grave philosophy.

Keeper System users

keeper systeemThe Keeper® system and the other products that Natural Plastics offer are already used in several countries. Especially in the Netherlands more and more local governments specifically require our products in their tenders.


co2-reductieThe Keeper® system prevents the needless cutting of healthy trees in order to produce tree stakes. This leads to a CO2 reduction of hundreds of tons per year. An average sized city can -depending on the number of trees- reach their sustainability objectives solely by using the Keeper® system.